Yining Shan






For many young designers population movement from rural to urban environments is a subject high on the agenda. As a Chinese designer coming from a country that has already 15 megacities, (cities with more than 10 million people), rapid urbanization and disassociation from nature has formed the focus of this furniture project.

Shan’s work aims to offer a point of reflection to release urban dwellers from stressful environments by creating abstracted mountainous environments as seating spaces. Inspired by the China’s mountains, rivers and lakes, Shan’s work re- presents the elements of mountain, water and the sun, through geometric symbols. Shan adopts the format of the earliest forms of Chinese script, Oracle bone script, which uses symbolic form to show different objects, presenting mirror images of mountains on the water. Black and white, the two classic colours of Chinese landscape paintings, are referenced as the backrests evolve from light to dark, as if mountains are emerging through mist.

Thanks to the team at Windsor Workshops for support.