Tony Howard




Ornamental Biomorphics

Biomorphic Ornamentalism is a range of articulated structural ceramic pieces inspired by biomimicry in contemporary architecture, that function as free standing sculptural dishes or wall mounted artifacts for interiors.

Each individual composition reflects complexity and elegant solutions to structural problems found in nature. Flowing organic forms and curving shapes are harmoniously bought together in a tracery of symmetrical and asymmetrical patterns.

The enclosed volumes create structural lightness that offer a play of light and shadow to accentuate and enhance the fundamental three-dimensionality of the artifacts. Detailed handmade elements contrast desiccated textures of raw ceramic with viscerally glazed interior spaces. Assembled with pure white resin and accented with coloured silicon, the resulting structures reflect both the cartilaginous articulation of biological skeletal forms and the modular construction of contemporary architecture to dramatic visual effect.