Sangni Chai


The Glaciers Voice

We live in an era where the issue of climate change is deeply contested. A political, scientific and religious dispute is taking place just as, through the activities of past and present generations, global environmental patterns are rapidly changing. Many communities in our biggest global cities live in polluted and dangerous environments.

The research for this project explored the use of cymatics technologies, a method to visualise the impact of sounds on cut stones and crystals, making visible as inspirational material, the unseen patterns of sounds that fill our city lives.

The experience of visiting the dramatic glaciers of Iceland to record a unique sound track of movement and disintegration is captured by this extraordinary visualization model. The resulting collection is driven by the melting ice and as Chai says the ‘glaciers voice’ forming elegiac cages, shaped and distorted by sound, set with cubic zirconiums as if dusted by ice or snow.