Sundus Talpur

Dorr, the tale of Sindhu

Dorr’, a collection of 22k gold jewellery draws inspiration from the textiles of South Asia and the stories of the past they carry. The works explore how the richness of gold jewellery grounds such embodied narratives in contemporary design and current lifestyles, supporting new horizons and sustainable futures for heritage skills and techniques.

Reflecting centuries of migration, trade, political, of courtly and agrarian influence, ‘Dorr’ encapsulates fragments of the historic richness of textiles found in Pakistan and of Talpur’s native heritage. Hand embroidered and hand woven textiles, some including a direct legacy of the sixteenth century Mughal Courts, were crafted for the project by artisans in the province of Sindh. Talpur’s designs explore the graphical vocabulary and physicality of the textile. Each jewellery element contains the ‘fired out’ details of hand-weave and embroidery.

‘Dorr’ re-connects diaspora communities, echoing a sense of belonging whilst offering an opportunity to give back to their home community. At the heart of this collection is a socially engaged economic model, where each piece credits the makers and designers, with a percentage of the selling price returning to the artisans.