Qiuyu Yang






The revolution of ‘big data’ is re- shaping many aspects of daily lives at a global level. Much of the excitement around data streams focuses on what we can do with the data. In parallel, and at the same time, the advent of rapid digital production has changed the jewellery landscape.

‘Flaneur’ is a project that explores how we live our daily lives, what this offers in terms of personal data and how we might start to think about what data to store or incorporate into our lives and in what way. Yang’s work offers people enthusiastic for life, an opportunity to see their everyday urban experience reflected directly from data visualization. Crafting treasure from the experiential millennial lifestyle.

Using basic information from clients storage (and sharing) of healthy lifestyles, through record apps from walking or jogging routes in cities, Yang has developed a deeply personalised jewellery collection. 3D jewellery forms are designed to present 2D data visualisation manufactured through a 3D print technology. Now, everyone has an opportunity to wear unique jewellery.

With London as the pilot city, ‘Flaneur’ can be rolled out across global cities and allows mobile stories to build collections of jewellery that create innovative records of individual life and travels.