Meng Zhang



Edge of Self

Whilst digital globalization takes over the world and countless ‘conveniences’ come into our lives, more and more online followers imitate celebrities and their aesthetic styles. Is this positive, or does it narrow down opportunities for individual personalities, creating ubiquitous stereotypes?

Zhang’s collection explores how jewellery transfers intangible self-identity of the wearer, into tangible forms for this increasingly standardized world. Redrawing contemporary identities glimpsed in photographic images, of young women much like the designer herself, using the lexicon of curves and lines within Chinese calligraphy an essence is captured and translated into vibrant jewellery. These extravagant jewellery forms enhance the body, creating subtle personal identities in artifacts worn over clothing. Sensual lines interrupt the professional tailored uniform. Traditional craftsmanship and modern technologies in tandem, enable the collection to define extreme yet wearable jewellery.