Samuel Gull

instagram: @samuel.gull


Bump Before Bang

Gull’s project draws on an intense interest and passion for surfaces, exploring texture, decoration and the codes of meaning resonating from design and popular culture. Using a model of speculative design illustration and mining 20th century sci-fi and counter-culture theories of parallel worlds, Gull expands his fantasies of interiors, street scenes and half souvenir, half human monsters and sirens. These illustrations inform the making and the making rolls back to inform the next set of drawings, revealing narratives, which manifest as physical artifacts. These artifacts seem familiar, part charity shop, part ‘art’ gallery, part souvenir, yet remain unstable in their location and purpose. Collectively, these artifacts offer universes of design, one might be explored through the gallery system, another through animation or gaming, creating transferable physical narratives here revealed in this iteration through ceramics.