Kay Konečná





Almost Completely.

This collection takes visual inspiration from landscapes – close up and from outer space, the motherboard of a computer and the earth in a field. It seeks to be somehow familiar and something foreign at the same time, to meet criteria of the expectations of fine jewellery yet with a different personality.

In order to create pieces that would be traditional and new at the same time, Konečná uses traditional techniques whilst ‘briefly forgetting’ their craft application, creating her own ways of settings stones, creating sparkling surfaces, making colourful pieces without covering entire surfaces with coloured gemstones. Gemstone colours range from blue through purple to brown, they are the colours of the soil, of ice, of summer flowers; irises and lavender and of the sky. These appeal to women who do not identify with traditional fine jewellery. Eastern European women, for example, who don’t fit any norm, who grew up in a communist/post- communist and egalitarian society. What jewels do they need?