Jiayin Li






Over the past 15 years the engagement with and passion for contemporary art and design in China has exploded. More and more younger generations are bringing contemporary conceptual approaches and ideas into their daily lives, re-defining dress, style and interiors. Never-the-less, traditional ideas of material value and preciousness are still strong and need to be re-framed and re-imagined for the jewellery industry. ‘Jiayin’ translates as beautiful sounds and good news in Mandarin. The Jiayin Project explores the rhythms inherent in music and musical instruments through delicate, crisp and graphic wire frames with unexpected and technically surprising stone setting.

The work focuses on the relationship between the players and music instruments, considering how strings form new structures and elements when played. Design exploration has divided these elements into separate parts, reuniting them into balanced, delicate, unexpected jewellery forms. Li explores jewellery as a metaphor for musical instruments, forming a ‘musical composition’ of rhythm and juxtaposition in earrings and bracelets.

Silver, Gold, Tourmaline.