Jiahui Liang






For Liang the driving force of this project is returning high craft Chinoiserie wood carving rich with symbolism, back to the centre of Chinese society to create a distinctive bridge that reconnects East and Western cultures.

Recognising the influence of a booming economy and exposed to ideas of Western culture, the ‘new’ Chinese generations have created a strong, economic focused society, whilst retaining traditional family orientations. Homes are becoming smaller and many traditional interior features, shrines, formal rooms, carved thrones are disappearing. This dynamic cultural has created a different perception of traditional wood carved furniture and consequently communities of craftsmanship and their historical knowledge are becoming lost to China.

Inspired by the Chinoiserie, a wholly European style whose inspiration is entirely Oriental, Liang has created a new modular approach to Chinoiserie decoration, remaking the possibilities of elaborate chairs, whilst developing a systematic approach offering a bespoke, personalised process for new generations of high end furniture buyers in China and beyond.