Hannah Lauren Newell





The inherent qualities of constructed textiles, bridging traditional technology with high craft are used to create pieces of jewellery that are unique to the genre and to the process. Jewellery and accessories that are dramatic and wearable, relaxed and effortless. Fluidity and drape as formal elements of structured visual elegance drive the main structures and technically complex knit. Into the knit, yellow and white gold vermeil chains are incorporated to enhance the structures, forming textures, fringes and tassels, supporting an elegiac Art Deco mood of independence and freedom.

Differing approaches to form and technology have been explored to present four collections allowing individuals to find elements that reflect their own sensibilities.

As our world becomes increasingly globalised and connected these collections acknowledge the intense demand for designers to be flexible in their roles across disciplines and celebrates the joy and opportunities of interdisciplinary design enhancing innovation by practice specialists.